Reviews for "The Place of Dreams"

cool cool

definitely a 5 from my side although its more eurodance than trance

Holy. Flaming. Headphones. of Fire. d(O.O)b

If there is true beauty in the world, it is the ability of music to evoke emotions within.

The last time I Heard something this amazingly beautiful pour into my ears, it led to a lot of smiles, love and eventually heartbreak.

Thank you.


Nice job.

Very beautiful :') Love the sounds used. You gotta teach me how to mix like you! :@ almost 2 years since you last reviewed my first song, and i still cant master haha.


Now this, is great trance. You did an amazing job. The pads and melody you used at the beginning with that volume fade-in, not to mention the orchistra and the subtle chimes is just beautiful. The arps you used were a nice Hard Trance style blended with this very Ambient Trance style backgrounding and pads. Same with the sweeps and whitenoise. This is just awesome.

For the idiots below talking about repeditaveness, this kinda genre of music isn't Euro-Trance/Euro-Dance, nor is it the basshunter style music that newgrounds seems to cling oh so hardly to. This is true trance and it's freakin' brilliant.

You did an amazing job. It's perfect.

syphonmax responds:

True Trance:
Andy Blueman...Nuff said! :D

He inspired me into making this sort of music and it has come off in my work, especially since this is a remix of his song. He is a Trance god!

theres a reason i listen to your music

because every time somethin new comes out from you, ITS ALWAYS BETTER THEN THE LAST!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!