Reviews for "The Place of Dreams"

So long indeed my friend...

Ahh, since this isn't in the Dance section, I don't think that "Beat" will be needed in this section... at least since I'm only listening to the beginning of this melody. Okay. 1:26 is great. It's not too sudden and the cymbal crash and bass at 1:45 are a great cressiendo to the piece... okay 2 minute mark, so far so great... in the meantime of listening to this, I've had a picture in my mind. A vast utopia. no poverty. no industrialization. only peace and freedom. it's great. the string instruments at the 3 minute mark are beautiful! and the ending only with a piano... it's just marvelous. buckets of tears man. I can't stop crying to see how far you've gone.

Beat: 8/10
Creativity: 9/10
"Soul": 10/10
Mood: 10/10
Epic Scale: 19/20

Overall Score: 9/10 "Splendid"

Comments... Oh crap I just wrote my comments... oh well. what can I add... wow. that's what I call improvising! using the end to create a loop to the beginning. It's great! nao... what else can I say that can be used for constructive criticism... I dunno man. It's your music, it's your soul so the limits are all up to you... wait... there are NO limits to what you can do.


P.s. Long time no see. How have you been doing?

syphonmax responds:

I've been good, just killing off my remaining college time :D

University is coming up next, now that should be fun xD

Holy. Flaming. Headphones. of Fire. d(O.O)b

If there is true beauty in the world, it is the ability of music to evoke emotions within.

The last time I Heard something this amazingly beautiful pour into my ears, it led to a lot of smiles, love and eventually heartbreak.

Thank you.


cool cool

definitely a 5 from my side although its more eurodance than trance