Reviews for "Tribute Two"


Made me feel like I wanted to be at the party and simultaneously be drawn into the vacuous haven. Also wish I had boyfriend with such a sexy voice!

Easedale responds:

Thanks! I'll pass on your compliments re the voice to Tim.

Bright Just like Todays Teens

This is innovative work and to insure that the creators dont stop thinking i give you an air 5, put em up boi

Easedale responds:

Thanks! Air 5 duly - if digitally - given!

Wtf just happind

it was relly weird do you even know what was going on. Drswingd snd voice acting was good thow.

Easedale responds:

Thanks for your comments. Appreciated.

as a tribute

its good for what you said it was it was everything you said but nontheless it wasnt anything special but for the fact thats it is what you said it was in every respect i cant hate 5 stars


hmm pretty good for what was described but i hope for more next time. 5.