Reviews for "Condescending Mirage"

Somebody with your skill set waiting for the success bus? Please. You've basically put good aesthetic in a headlock, the rest is just keeping up on your studies for improvement and networking. I envy people like you.

Excellent composition and mood. I am impressed with your ability to set characters with outlines in a painted background and have it not look too strange. Rock on, stranger.

G3no responds:

super kind words. no worries, i'm not depressed. it was mostly focused on the character. an unexplained gag at their expense. i'll keep on rocking

This is a very depressing themed piece of art here,
My younger self would probably want to kill himself to avoid the fate that awaits him.
great job though heh. very melancholic.

wow this picture truly speaks books of wisdom :'(

My younger self (around 12) and I (now 24) would probably have long drawn out moments of silence here, gazing at the magnificence of the world, thinking of some cool stuff. I'd probably screw up the moment by attempting small talk. My younger self would then look at me, my attire, my body language, my personality- smile, and go back to gazing in the stars. I'd admire his solemnity, and he would admire my curiosity- two sides of the same progressive coin.

I think about this far too often. Great work!