Reviews for "Condescending Mirage"

I took off half a star because this hit close to home and the truth hurts.

You'll get there. Eventually.

G3no responds:

i believe it with my life

It hurts how much this speaks to me, really. I look back and remember my elementary school self and think of all those things I expected to have accomplished by now, and not a damn thing really came out of it all. Those hollow dreams ended up being just that. And it hurts.
But fuck it. I mean it hurts, but it's like a motivational hurt I guess. Like a fire lit under my ass to actually do something with my time, instead of lettin' it go by and feeling like crap about it a decade later. Thanks for that.

As for the actual artwork, I think it's really charming. Like, if it were a cartoon, I'd watch the shit outta that show. I'm not a visual artist, so take this with a heavy grain of salt, but I think the "Success" sign looks a little weird; It's not done the same as the rest of the background elements like the cacti and such, but rather like the characters. Was that intentional, to draw the viewer's eyes to it? Seems a little unneeded, but like I said, I'm not a visual artist. Anyway, that's my only gripe. I find everything else pretty damn wonderful.

G3no responds:

nah, you are right , the sign came out wierd because it was the first thing i drew and started to add things along the way. due to lack of effort i left it that way. the angle is messed up too , i thought it was ok enough. it drew attention towards it.

hope you are ok

I'm glad to say my younger self would be partially proud of me. I never wavered with what I want to do in life(entertain people via various means) but would be disappointed that I didn't work harder, which is something I'm remedying! My younger self might be proud that I finally got back into art as well, which is essentially what made me realize I want to entertain people.

You can't get any more true than that.

G3no responds:

fight the struggle