Reviews for "Condescending Mirage"

So true. Picture is nice, what it says is nice and how it does it is nice.

The Colors are amazing!

This is very cool, an interesting concept. The actual art is of course appealing as well. Also, yes. My young self would be proud

It's a nice image, slightly funny.
However in regards to your comment on the picture, I must say that my younger self would kill me, literally, after all, I were a hopeful and kind kid, I'm a bitter, hopeless, spiteful bastard now.
I rather not think about what would happen if I met a younger version of me, the thought is too terrifying. My younger self would've expected me to have 1 to 2 Nobel prizes by now, or be a chess Grand Master or something.

I think for some stuff, my younger self would be kind of proud, the other 75% though, not so much.

This actually had me thinking of how I was when I was younger.

Great work here! =)