Reviews for "Gamer Tonight - RTS Gamer"

Great job, yet again!

Another hit from such a great series that you've created.
And every point in this flash is agreeable to me.

Good job!


This is easily my favorite of the series. I also find it extra funny that the RTS player's name was Tim and thats my dad's name and all he plays are RTS games. I can't wait to see GTL and it's good to see you animating again.

Best one yet, by far

I was a bit disappointed in your MMO gamer episode, so I'm very happy to see that this one surpasses all of the previous entries in quality. The concept was original and funny, and the setup for the punchline was excellent. Nice work.


that is the best damn loading screen I've ever seen.
Holy crap.


Now something about strategy or puzzle games :P