Reviews for "Gamer Tonight - RTS Gamer"

this series rocks

and it captures the RTS gamer perfectly. i cant wait for the next episode i hope its RPG gamer. also you get +100 ninja points for having the same name as me =3


thats how they do it they look at the other players screen and try the japanese gamer

really how they do it

micro, build order..

haha I see lots of battlenet references here! great flash! you managed to compile the beauty of starcraft in a small flash, in a very funny way! hahah loved the comparison against First person shooters! and also a very elegant and simple art I see, great job man keep it up 10/10 5/5 :)


I think it's great that all your hard work has finally paid off and you are now getting that hard work on mainstream television. Especially when you are representing the greatest community on the internet, Newgrounds. Good for you.

theres a lesson here kiddies

As an intelligent FPS and RTS player ive combined aspects from both strategies into my skills as a gamer.

try using chess-like movements and procedures with teams in FPS and pwn teh h311 out of your opponents