Reviews for "Gamer Tonight - RTS Gamer"

Pretty damn neat.

Better than the other ones, I reckon. The whole style and idea makes me smile anyway. Keep it up.


Funny shit, keep up the good work =)

>< So great!

...I was able to forsee your attack... I mean question!
You were looking at my tele-prompter weren't you?

So funny I lost a vital organ!


George W. Bush is a RTS Gamer????? WTF he can't even write his own speeches but he can do a zerg rush? Who would of guesses? what's next Carl Rove is a RPG player and Dick Cheney is a FPS man?

micro, build order..

haha I see lots of battlenet references here! great flash! you managed to compile the beauty of starcraft in a small flash, in a very funny way! hahah loved the comparison against First person shooters! and also a very elegant and simple art I see, great job man keep it up 10/10 5/5 :)