Reviews for "Gamer Tonight - RTS Gamer"


Nah RTS, MMORPG, and FPS are all difficult in their own aspects. But funny ignorance.

Very Nice

Very nice flash. But do you really think that gamers are all like that? You draw them like total idiots that mix reality and game-world.


It was nice, funny and different.


I love it. Lots of parody and random plot in this, combined with great graphics, smooth animation and good sound. Can't find any flaws at all, great quality, keep it up!


Pretty good episode!

So far in the series, I liked how you applied the look and behavior of the gamers being interviewed. This episode didn't have a lot of humor like all your previous ones, but it was understandable and easy to follow. I liked the end part where Richard Farkas felt disappointed when he found out how Timothy knew what he was going to ask next. So that's how he wins matches... That screen-watching bimbo!