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Reviews for "Psy-Kaliber 2097"

Just what I'd expect from you,

Another masterpiece. Well done NT!

5/5 10/10 Fav Download

Run for the hills!

It's anti-cirno!

Talk about a blast from the past

This brings back memories. It's been ages since I've played the game (X-Kaliber 2097), so it came as quite the surprise to me that anyone else had heard of it, let alone remixed it. This was what, track 03?

Anyway, I liked the intro, the new twist there combined with the original on the background was sweet. Then you really got into it at 00:23. Disliked the part at 00:48, where you switched out of the original to continue with your own style but that's just me. Still, you kept the underlying base intact which ultimately set the speed for the overal track, so it remained familiar. Another good comination piece was from 02:06 onward and then at 02:32 it just mellowed out with bits and pieces of the original strewn around.

A nice remix overall though to be truthful the best parts were where the original bits shone through.
Then again, I though that that was a great soundtrack in and of itself so maybe I'm a bit biased.


I love the transitions in this.. each one gets better than the last


You weren't kidding, i want to rip Baraka in two now... now wheres my controler.... anyways! very well done song, this song is violence in musical form. This needs to be in a video game, the different parts could each have a level and not get boring. You kept each part unique, not changing feelings nesisarily but... idk, just making it feel like a journey through a lowbit-grunge-punk world.... where things get ripped to shreds by big guys with sharp blades and big guns