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Reviews for "Disco Fish"

Disco Fish

This is pretty cool and addictive, but it's way too easy. There should be more levels when you reach a certain score that have scarier fish that decrease your health meter faster, and maybe the fish you control should get a little bigger too.

MaxManning responds:

Yeah, maybe I'll add a new fish type each level and add more gameplay features.

Great Game!!!!

alittle too easy tho!!!

MaxManning responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game. It gets pretty hard eventually. Maybe I should have increased the difficulty quicker.


Second place in the highscores! Great game anyway, and it's good that it's made in AS3, that's a no-go for me.

Great work! Keep it up!


MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the kind words, thanks for checking it out.

AS3 is great, I enjoy it more than AS2.


I love the bright colors in this game. Makes it stand out from a lot of the other games on NG.

If you were to flush this game out a bit more I think you can have a great fun little game. Maybe add some animation to the main fish character. Maybe add some powerups, not too many thou, and some kind of goal for the player. Good job.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking about maybe adding different kinds of worms that give you different abilities.

Funny,but not challenging

The game was very funny in the beginning, but it's not really a challenge, you aint grow any bigger, it's a fun minigame, but it's builded to look like it's big.

All i want to see is that you add some levels, and actually give it a goal, and make it some more challenging.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for checking it out. It was just a quick little casual game. Maybe I can add more features in the future.