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Reviews for "Disco Fish"

Not bad

Not bad, kinda generic, but not bad. It's easy to glitch the game by taking the mouse off the gameplay area and putting it back in on the other side to move your fish from one side of the aquarium to the other without taking any damage. But I think that's a pretty forgivable glitch.

MaxManning responds:

thanks for checking it out. What was your high score ?

good music!

the music is good, but the name? what's the 'disco' part about?

MaxManning responds:

Well, the fish are brightly colored, and the music is disco


The game is very basic kind of a fishy knock off. Would have got bored of it very very quickly if not for the tunes :)

MaxManning responds:

thanks, glad you enjoyed the music.

It's my first AS3 game, and it took about 6 hours. Just a quick casual game.

This was good

I like this game! The only thing I have to say is to work on the graphics a little. Other than that, It was a good game and the controls worked well. Good job!

MaxManning responds:

The graphics are simple pretty much on purpose. That's my wife's art style.

Pretty Good, but room to improve.

It was good, had the right script and no glitches. But the animation wasn't very smooth, the fish sort of looked like they were shaking, a more smooth animation would help, and the main fish could've had animation. Also some ideas could be that the music could relate to health and other attributes like difficulty. But this gajme is a good start and a base for a front page game.

MaxManning responds:

I made the fish kind of bob a little, to match the music.

We'll proably add more fish and some other gameplay concepts.