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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

what...the...freak? :D

it was ok, but the only way you can flame someone is to flame your own ally, cause its the only thing that is close enough since th enemies are on black tiles and youre on white. also, my main character somehow moved ONTO another orc. after that, i couldnt move him. then after all my allies died, all of the squares lit up green and when i clicked one, the green dissapeared then reapeared. like i was playing, but my character was invisible, and there was a clone that was yellowish of my character on the field.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Burn spell works well, no one complained yet - nor friends nor the burned enemies :-) You just have to come close enough (i.e. 3 squares or less, but not to the closest vicinity).

I liked it

RPGs are really my kind of game, and this was a good one. The strategy was appealing, and really intuitive. Of course, games can always be improved.

The biggest thing in my mind is that RPGs of any kind need save functions. No matter how short you may think a game is, saving is crucial to all RPGs. I was sorely disappointed that I couldn't save, since I hit the "quit" button, thinking that it meant quit the battle, and not quit the game, and lost all my progress.......I was a day away from winning.

As far as bugs go, I have to admit that I didn't notice any. Things generally went the way I wanted them to go, no problems here.

Another issue is your AI. I'm not sure if you did it on purpose or not, but the enemies seem mildly retarded. They just move back and forth, and don't seem to know how to attack or stratigize in any significant way.

The big picture, though, is that it was highly entertaining, and had I not lost all of my progress, I would still be playing it now.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Thanks. Well the AI is not so elaborate like in Chessmaster - just think of them as retarded, and kill them using your superior mind!

Its alright

Theres a fault were my hero keeps on getting killed at the temple every time i try again and that sucked cuz this is a good game

Annoying bug

Great game excepf for a bug i found where i went to attack a white wolf and I ended up moving onto its tile instead.


As it was said before, the game has several bugs that prevent you from progressing onwards. If there was a "reset level" button for when these bugs happen, I feel that the addition could significantly improve the gameplay here. It's a great idea, with moderately-easy mechanics to learn. All in all- enjoyable, but the bugs, as I said earlier, hold it back.