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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"


I think this game was so cool, but I think that it should just make turn by turn like walking. It isn't really a great game to play if it could just walk without turns. This was awsome, and I hope to see some more games like this throughout the year. Keep it up! :]

Thunder-Hawk responds:

I don't understand. The battle IS TURN-BASED.

Pretty sweet =]

I really liekd this game as i am a fan of chess overall i give it a 9/10


3 legendary moments
1: i got to the castle on the very last day!!!
2: i defeated 2 giant orcs and 4 normal ones with only the sorceror and the swordsman(hero)
3: i defeated the boss lady after my gunman died and my sorceror had only 1 life and i killed her with my hero
btw when i faced the 2 giant orcs and 4 normal ones i accidently retreated my gunman insted of attacking him my bad


Not my type of game particularly, but it is VERY nicely made. A beautiful piece of workmanship, if I do say so myself!

Well done! Keep up the good work!

Like Tactic Arena, Just Not As Good

I was glad to finnaly play a game with a story line. (haven't had one of those in a while)

I enjoyed help along the way, but I wish there was a tutorial instead. I had a hard time on the start trying to figure out how to take the larger numbers.

More explanation early-on would've been GREAT.

I enjoy the "strategy board," story, and the idea. I like how different units have different spells BUT this is also where the concept needs work. Units being more customised, and different fighting styles (possibly an action bar for each unit) would be nice.

Great flash, can't wait for more =]

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Any game of this sort could be improved over and over. But the time must come to say stop(); and perhaps wait for the sequel.
Thanks for your suggestions anyway!