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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

fun game

good stratigy game with wizerds and whiches but it just gets boring after a whiel and no 1 likes to read that much.

Great game!!!

This one's going in my favorites!

Pretty good but...

You tend to accidently click off of the green tiles so your entire turn is skipped and that is quite frustrating at times. It is a good game nonetheless even though I am having trouble with it.


Its fantastic, love the strategy, but a major glitch, i was on the 4th battle with the orc leader, and i accidently clicked on him and it moved me under him and then the entire sceen filled with green blocks but i couldnt move.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Sorry for it, I will try to find out when it may occur, and then fix it.


I like it a lot, a very good game even if i was confused at start. Easy to understand,