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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

i so wanted to enjoy this

so many bugs, if an enemy is in the square north of you they are almost impossible to select for attack, its also hard to select squares for movement in a big fight. the perspective angle needs to be moved higher. What you have hear shows great promise but with all its problems is almost unplayable.


Ok game based on tactical turned based combat. Nothing really special.


when trying to flee from a battle it only says defeat there are only enemies left of the battlefield. the game is mediocre at best to be honest. should be more fun than it is. needs more options, and some basic information like how many moves you can make, damage you do and other stuff. try harder next time

Not any special

Good game but boring story need to work a little on the game.

I am sorry, but I could not understand this game. The "help" section didn't seem to tell me how to attack. It was all too vague. I guess it's kind of an interesting setup. I always like challenges. It's just that this challenge didn't do much for me. The best part is probably the music.

The enemy didn't seem to attack me either. I guess it wasn't too complicated. It doesn't seem like the kind of game I can get into. It is fairly popular, though. It's just not for me.