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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

hey not bad, but a glitch appeared and i cudnt ply

on the battle were u control the pope, the spearwoman and your character when u get down to the last orc everything goes green and u cant move at all...

The rules are fun to play by... mostly? I'm not sure I understood all of them.

The controls become quite frustrating once you have several units, though - apparently you can lose your turn by clicking on a space that you can't legally move to. Also, a turn-based game really shouldn't have quick-reaction mechanics like "click within 1 second to run away after the enemy attacks".


its so boring and the people dont even attack it reminds me of runescape except runescape you control your character its a rip off of the blatant attack sequences in runescape ,good try nice animation make something where you can level a character tha wa ythe decisive 10s wont be there good effort


not that fun

its not htat fun y can they hit me when i can't hit them, we should be equally good and the damage is not even normal its random and its kinda boring no spells and the clicking sucks

= p

Queers and gays! Mwahahaa!
Aww... Why chess like battle system?