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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

Real Potential

Could have been a lot of fun, but the sheer randomness of damage and healing/protective abilities meant that you might need to play the same level over and over again just because you did crappy damage.

Also, just trying to select moving or targeting squares was difficult and sometimes my character would have 1 step left, but when I selected them to use it, it vanished. Neat idea, but buggy and way too luck based.

Not bad

A nice game. In the future try to add some attack animations, not just statick pawns. You should think about improving the rpg side of the game too. For example try to add some more dialog options with different results.

Knight2 decapitates Rook1!

The first turn-based strategy game of 2008 finally makes it's appearance. Squares and Blades hurls you back into the mideval ages as one of four main characters whom you get to choose. This main character has juggle the sacred duty of narrating the story as well as the responsibility of being the Leader of a rag-tag group of warriors, so choose wisely. So, what is there for wandering hero to do in an era where personal hygiene hasn't made it to the "Top Priorities" list yet? Fight turn-based battles on giant chess boards, of course! And there's PLENTY of those.....well, 18 days worth. See, you only have 18 days to stop this "Dark Lady" from completing a ritual which will turn the entire world into.....You guessed it: A living hell! And EVERYTHING cost a day. Wanna rest and heal: 1 day, wanna re-do a battle: 1 day, wanna answer nature's call behind a tree: Yep! 1 day. The only thing stopping you from just catching a cab and cruising over to the light-deprived woman is an army of evil orcs. Now I know what you're thinking: "Orcs?! Again?" And I say, have a little compassion. Many orcs come from poor families and have to sneak into the country illegally just to make a living. For many orcs, this is the only job they can get. Well, besides working at the family resturant. Anywho! After a few skirmishes you begin a quest that will take you down the yellow-brick road of Nostalgia, especially if you've ever played any of the Fire Emblem games. The battle system will also bring back memories of radiant dawns. What IS unique about this game is Retreat system. Between an enemy's attack you have the ability to move your character piece, thus, getting them outta Dodge and sparring them for another round. Another familiar feature of the game is permanently losing characters defeated in battle. Liked that Suit Guard from the temple level that just got killed? Too bad! He's deader than Jimmy Hoffa! But, thanks to the Random Fight option, you'll manage to get your T.B.S fix without getting attached to your little hand-drawn character. Overall, a nice game with nice music and familiar game engine. Squares and Blades gets 7 orc burritos out of 10

Thunder-Hawk responds:



As it was said before, the game has several bugs that prevent you from progressing onwards. If there was a "reset level" button for when these bugs happen, I feel that the addition could significantly improve the gameplay here. It's a great idea, with moderately-easy mechanics to learn. All in all- enjoyable, but the bugs, as I said earlier, hold it back.

good game

it started good but as soon you got more men, it's no fun anymore