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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

fun game

good stratigy game with wizerds and whiches but it just gets boring after a whiel and no 1 likes to read that much.

Good, but a lil...easy

The Hero I chose(the spy), was just a bit too powerful. Basicly I 1-hitted everything with power strike, but the trolls. Also, i stopped playing after the trolls, so I'm guessing there probably was something else you couldn't 1-hit.

In the end, it was a fun and great game.

Ps: I know I shouldn't review a review, but HOLY CARP ZERRO'S REVIEW IS GODLIKE IN LENGTH!!

Thunder-Hawk responds:

You just had luck killing everything instantly. Though the spy is probably the best choise if you want to win easily.
You SHOULD review a review!

what a game =]

in depth and amazing, no bugs here A++
L. x


AWESOME! graphics are good. gameplay and design is perfect. I loved it. my only prob with it is that i sucked lol :P hope to see more games like this. keep up the good work. id like to see some more range's with the chars though. like adding skil points at the start. an rpg style of thing you know. anyway but this game is perfect


I haven't even played it yet but i can tell its an awesome game by the reviews there is nothing wrong with this game i give it a 10!