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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"


im bad at chess -.-
bit confusing with the attacks, somewhat annoying at that...

hmm...pertty good

not to original...but you put your own thing into it...perrty good =]


3 legendary moments
1: i got to the castle on the very last day!!!
2: i defeated 2 giant orcs and 4 normal ones with only the sorceror and the swordsman(hero)
3: i defeated the boss lady after my gunman died and my sorceror had only 1 life and i killed her with my hero
btw when i faced the 2 giant orcs and 4 normal ones i accidently retreated my gunman insted of attacking him my bad

better never than late

not very original or entertaining

Found a bug

Nice game. I noticed when playing story mode that whenever I re fought a battle I'd lose a day. I don't know if this is a bug or if it was intended but I thought I should bring it to your attention