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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

no bugs

I never experinenced any bugs during my game play, even though i didnt play much. the reason you get 7 out of ten was that it just wasnt very appealing to me, my advice is that when you are fighting you should add some backrounds.


when trying to flee from a battle it only says defeat there are only enemies left of the battlefield. the game is mediocre at best to be honest. should be more fun than it is. needs more options, and some basic information like how many moves you can make, damage you do and other stuff. try harder next time


It's a great concept for a game, but there are more bugs than a rotten log. One of them is that during a couple of the battles I lost control of one or even two of my players, these players were Pikeman and Monk. I found this very frustrating, and in the end I just clicked the big red 'X' to quit. Fix these bugs and you have the makings of a very addictive game, all in all i enjoyed what i played.
I only rate this 6/10 because the bugs are VERY annoying.


Not my type of game particularly, but it is VERY nicely made. A beautiful piece of workmanship, if I do say so myself!

Well done! Keep up the good work!

Very nice but short

You made a very good and addicting game here; it tangled me and it's a cool concept, combining chess with FFTactics. Too bad that the story mode is so short. You should make more missions, and perhaps implement a save function.
The random battles are nice but I did not play them that much.

Overall a good game, 7/10