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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"


This is quite a strange system to fight...
Update the random damage to normal damage. It'll make this game so much more awesome.
Plus, i get alot of lag playing this game. Fix it?

Good game yet easy with Spy

50% lethality > enemy :)

Spy is hands down the best character to choose.


very very good

Great game!!!

This one's going in my favorites!

Great game with lots of potential

If you're like me and enjoy role-playing games with a wargaming element, then you'll really appreciate Squares and Blades.

The story itself is pretty typical fantasy fare, with the hero embarking on a journey to defeat a 'Dark Lady'; an evil entity who threatens the entire world. Along the way you will encounter the minions this witch, ranging from wolves to various orcs warriors, and will also gather a party of fellow heroes to help you defeat these evils.

The game play is probably the most interesting aspect of the game, with each battle being played out on a chessboard-like surface, where each side is only able to move diagonally along their own colour (like bishops in Chess), while attacking on the horizonal . Each combatant has their own number of action points (for movement and attacking) and is defined by two stats - Shield (which acts as armour and regenerates each turn) and Life (which are you standard health points).

To make matters more interesting, figures can attack in two ways, a 'normal' attack and a 'Strong' attack (which lowers one's own Shield number to do increasing damage). Furthermore, defending characters also get an option to retreat after being attacked in combat, a choice that adds much to the game play.

Tactics (the way one uses the figure's action points and their attacks and defence) is therefore key in winning each battle. Not that luck doesn't play its part, with the random amount of damage done from a strike often being quite frustrating.

In summary then, Squares and Blades is a great game that will give you a couple of hours of solid fun (after completing the quest there are also options for random and scenario based one-off battles).

Mind you, that's not to say that the game is prefect (although I have not witnessed any of the bugs mention in the other comments posted here), with many elements, like terrain, missing from the battlefields and a sometimes random movement script being played out from the computer's AI.

I will finish off by saying that there is a great deal of potential for sequels to this game, from the simple adding of more elements to the game play (i.e. adding terrain to the game board, including more magic or a more detailed experience system), adding more plot elements (allowing the player to move around the 'campaign' board and having a more interactive story) and including aspects like web-based multiplayer options (I know that I'd love to play this against my friends on the net!). In my opinion, if such things were added, the author would be on a real winner here!

All in all a great game well worth 8 stars!

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Oh YES, this is my game Squares & Blades!