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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

hey not bad, but a glitch appeared and i cudnt ply

on the battle were u control the pope, the spearwoman and your character when u get down to the last orc everything goes green and u cant move at all...

= p

Queers and gays! Mwahahaa!
Aww... Why chess like battle system?

Glitched it in Firefox

On the second battle in the story mode, I maniacally clicked on my player (the spy), then I clicked several times on the ogre, whom I wanted to slaughter. My character then proceeded to move to that tile, and I was unable to attack. From that point, I ended my turn, and the orge moved away, but then when I tried to move, it made the entire playing field green, and I couldn't go anywhere. So I Alt+F4'd, and decided to tell you that that's a pretty bad problem. Somewhat fun game, but not fun enough to try again, even if the glitch/bug is fixed.


AWESOME! graphics are good. gameplay and design is perfect. I loved it. my only prob with it is that i sucked lol :P hope to see more games like this. keep up the good work. id like to see some more range's with the chars though. like adding skil points at the start. an rpg style of thing you know. anyway but this game is perfect

Its alright

Theres a fault were my hero keeps on getting killed at the temple every time i try again and that sucked cuz this is a good game