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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

A nice system of defenses

I do agree that it is impossible to defend your people. There really is no relationship to chess aside from the chessboard battleground. In chess, you can actually protect your pieces. In fact, it's one of the defining qualities of chess, and it's missing here.

Aside from that omission, it still requires tactics to play this game. I like how important it is to time the hard strikes.

But it is a nice little battle simulation. I would suggest the following to make the battles even more interesting:
* Include some possible terrain to use. I liked how the temple hallway was narrow. If a lake or something could be included, that would add some tactical sense. I haven't gotten that far yet, so I apologize if you added this later.
* Allow some pieces to defend others. Perhaps a Defender that goes on "overwatch" with some movement pieces. As an enemy tries to get at your more important pieces, the Defender slashes.
* Allow some pieces to modify the battlefield. Perhaps turn some squares into mud so it takes 2 moves. Or perhaps even erect barriers.

Keep up the good work.

Great I Like That

Great But For Some Reason Kept Glitchin Dno If Common Problem


Love the gameplay and all, but there isn't any way to protect your casters. At any point in ght game, no matter how many people I surround him wiht, an enemy can easily slip past all of my defences, one hit my caster, and screw me for the rest of the game. Fix it please, then you'll get a 10.

Not any special

Good game but boring story need to work a little on the game.

Love it!

A chess like game of orcs and humans, just like Warcraft w/o the spells =P. Really made me think right there. Got a headache right now after playing it. Any more submissions where you can also play like a chess game? would love to play it too!