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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

what...the...freak? :D

it was ok, but the only way you can flame someone is to flame your own ally, cause its the only thing that is close enough since th enemies are on black tiles and youre on white. also, my main character somehow moved ONTO another orc. after that, i couldnt move him. then after all my allies died, all of the squares lit up green and when i clicked one, the green dissapeared then reapeared. like i was playing, but my character was invisible, and there was a clone that was yellowish of my character on the field.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Burn spell works well, no one complained yet - nor friends nor the burned enemies :-) You just have to come close enough (i.e. 3 squares or less, but not to the closest vicinity).

Great, but buggy, and that's what ruins it.

This game doesn't look bad at all, it isn't bad at all, except.. It's so buggy! There's no save feature? It's so buggy and there's no save feature? That's what ruins it. There are so many different kinds of bugs mentioned, but it only takes ONE of them to make all of us stop playing.
For me, it was when a big green thing killed my captain. However, the game said "click somewhere to RETREAT" even though my captain was dead and no one else was attacked. The game was stuck forever. It's not like we're going to start over a bunch of times just to play it, after all.

Aside from FIX THE BUGS, another suggestion would be an undo button, maybe, because sometimes I click and there are a lot of pieces in that spot and I can't see, so I do something I do not intend to do. I really hate how the pieces were set up, though, all the weak ones in front, I have to move them out of the way before they get killed, then try to edge my stronger pieces around them. I don't feel that it contributes to the "tactical challenge" or whatever you wish to call it.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

OK, I will keep it all in mind.

Pretty good

I didn't notice the glitches other people were mentioning, but I didn't notice the button to run away from a battle didn't work. I clicked it... and nothing. Nothing happened. Other than that, it was pretty good.


this could be amazing if it weren't for the bugs.... Sometimes the timing will screw up, so you can occupy the same space as an enemy (either you move on top of them or they move on top of you) and if this happens, then that piece cannot attack of be attacked ever again. This means that the battle never ends.... so you have to quit.... and since there's no save function, you have to start over again. Happened on the third level, then on the sixth level after i staretd over... I'm givign up.

But this could be an amazing game if that was fixed. Really innovative batle style..

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Thanks. About bugs, see my title comment edited. About the battle style - that's the main reason why I made this game. To introduce new type of battle rules.

Would be good

If it wasn't so buggy I would love this but in the fourth battle i couldn't do anything.