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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

Great game

It was too easy though. i beat it and no bugs

Uhmmmmm... D:

I didnt like this game actually..
But!! i think u should try making another game with different type..
like a fighting/defence kind of game.. i think u`d be better at that :D

Thunder-Hawk responds:


Its ok

A lot of points for potential, but right now...meh
I liked the gameplay itself, but too many bugs, like the bug where even tho I was right next to the flee button, i couldnt flee, and the bug where no matter what i did, i couldnt attack the enemy, i just walked into him....
A little repetitive, and I wish I couldve changed battle positions before actually fighting.
Also, the random shield damage is kinda dumb. Each unit should have an attack and Defence stat. THat way, u dont just attack the enemy and hope u knowck away his shields or vice versa.
Other than tho, good work. Hope u take some of these into consideration.

Real Potential

Could have been a lot of fun, but the sheer randomness of damage and healing/protective abilities meant that you might need to play the same level over and over again just because you did crappy damage.

Also, just trying to select moving or targeting squares was difficult and sometimes my character would have 1 step left, but when I selected them to use it, it vanished. Neat idea, but buggy and way too luck based.

i so wanted to enjoy this

so many bugs, if an enemy is in the square north of you they are almost impossible to select for attack, its also hard to select squares for movement in a big fight. the perspective angle needs to be moved higher. What you have hear shows great promise but with all its problems is almost unplayable.