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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"

Fun but hard

The game would be more fun if it was a little easier, I'm always stuck at one of the last levels (the one after the bridge with lot of orcs). I'm only having my hero and monk against 3 orcs and 2 big ones. Please add a difficulty setting where this one is the hard one. My suggestion is that the easy mode would have one enemy removed (except if there's already only 2 or 3, let it be that way) for each levels.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Retreat and strike hard in the right time. I can beat the game even with the hard difficulty. Tactics is not a futile word in this game!


Personally I thought it was alright....graphics were below average but the story was decent.

not that fun

its not htat fun y can they hit me when i can't hit them, we should be equally good and the damage is not even normal its random and its kinda boring no spells and the clicking sucks


The ame required virtually no tactics or skill - it was just repetitive clicking with annoying music and average graphics. Nothing new or interesting for me, sorry.

If you're going to make it "like chess", why is the only similarity the design of the board?

I played for a little

It seemed interesting for what i played but on the second battle of the swords man my character moved onto the square one of the enemies was on and neither of us could move or strike each other so i had to quit. Fun none the less