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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"


Ok game based on tactical turned based combat. Nothing really special.

Some Help

There was one bug where one of my units would die, with the enemy having some moves left, and it would go to the hero and would fall to the retreat function on the hero. The game would not let me retreat the hero or move on with the enemy's turn.

Another issue I had was when clicking on the characters, if I miss-clicked during their turn on a square or another character near the person, it would automatically assume that I didn't want to control that character any more, I know it may be a programming issue but you should be able to go back to the original character's turn.

Hope that helps!

eh not the best ive played

it was ok but to easy to lose

very glitchy

nice concept but poorly made. it would skip my turns and make me and the enemy be in the same space and these glitches have to have the game switched off in order to fix them.

Fun but hard

The game would be more fun if it was a little easier, I'm always stuck at one of the last levels (the one after the bridge with lot of orcs). I'm only having my hero and monk against 3 orcs and 2 big ones. Please add a difficulty setting where this one is the hard one. My suggestion is that the easy mode would have one enemy removed (except if there's already only 2 or 3, let it be that way) for each levels.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Retreat and strike hard in the right time. I can beat the game even with the hard difficulty. Tactics is not a futile word in this game!