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Reviews for "Squares and Blades"


i would have given it an 8 or a 9 exept for one thing that truly irritated me, sometimes when an enemy was directly above me on the screen i would click on the enemy, but miss by like a pixel, and end up clicking on my own guy ending my turn. I think it would have been better if it was a top down point of view on some levels. and i would like to see some woodland scenery on the board as i fight, maybe obstacles and booby traps? But yes, you have a very nive game, good job.

its got potential

Well ilike the idea of the game sorta like final fantasy tactics. But other than that its kinda lame. The graphics are good, and sois the storyline but the gameplay needs more. some animations i guess. Im not sure but then again you can only do so much with flash. none the less the game has great potential

screwed up

I give you points on a count of the story line but at the same time it was really awef...crappy!

Not bad

A nice game. In the future try to add some attack animations, not just statick pawns. You should think about improving the rpg side of the game too. For example try to add some more dialog options with different results.

Worth playing

I actually thought that this was a pretty well made game. The combat was fun and I liked the different attacks. Not that I tried any other characters, but the spy seems clearly superior to me (although I'm not sure what the lethality bonus is) simply because of her extra move as the other stats can be increased and shield easily supplied through monks anyway. Also, I noticed a rather large bug which was this: if you don't stop to heal, lose, and restart the battle, everyone is at full health again, making healing useless. I would have maybe liked to see units with multiple spells (maybe a heal on the monks?), but overall nice work.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Yes, the spy is probably slightly stronger than others. She has lower skills, but does 50% additional damage.
When you restart the battle, you lose one day!