Reviews for "Kindermuzik"

I love this kind of music! Fubaka said it reminded him of aphex twin or autechre-- i posit Boards of Canada. eerily like Boards of Canada. May i ask what kind of equipment do you use?

5/5 no doubt. but i would have loved to hear some more body to it, possibly some pads to back things up.

architecture responds:

I used a Roland TR808 for the drums, and a Roland SH2 with a Roland Chorus Echo RE501. Sadly not recorded analog because it required overdubbing to get additional melodies and I dont have a multitrack reel to reel yet.

Analog, eh?

The beat is a tad off at times, but I have an extremely soft spot in my heart for analog music! This composition definitely hits that spot, and hard! Reminds me heavily of early Aphex Twin or Autechre.


it's like being in a sunset beach party socializing with friends and watching a 2 on 2 volleyball competition , nice beat by the way bring more

I like this... mostly because of its unique sound. I believe you obtained that by making the pitch of the track playing the melody slightly sharp. It's just a very interesting song. It makes me feel like I'm flying through an endless tunnel.

However, adding more background parts to this tune wouldn't hurt.

architecture responds:

the Roland SH2 doesnt stay perfectly in tune so thats why the tuning isnt perfect. I also use it like that deliberately ;)

I like it ^^

Sounds kind of Tron-ish in a sense. A calm tune, may be a bit uninteresting at times, but there's still stuff happening and it isn't a very repetitive tune. It does feel like it's missing something though, so in the future maybe if you add more to it -it doesn't even have to be something intense either-, it will sound better and it will be improved. It's a good song but it feels unfinished. I don't know much about music, so sorry if this review didn't help!