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Reviews for "Der Eskimo Tanz"

COOl want mohr (lol kidding)

I love this animation. habe einen rechtschreibefehler entdeckt xD "verliehren"
but in fact I love this . (I know the sentence is in german but i can't translate it) xD
can you make some more german animation? (just a question...)


I've always loved your animation, but there is one thing that is constantly bothering me about this song. At the end, the "Woahhohohoooo..." just fades out really quickly, and it sounds like you stopped the song right in the middle, even if that is not so. Luckily, just the general greatness of this submission more than makes up for that.

Love it!

I love the song and i love the way you paint!
But I think that you should have spent a little more time on this and maybe make it into a serious music-video. Because i think it would have worked :3

Me want more of this stuff!!!!!

eh its okay

its okay and good animation but kind of annoying

No duh.

Of course your gonna here some english in there. English is like a mix of fifty thousand differant languages, half of which are probably dead, gone, or made up (I.E. Latin) <-----rofl