Reviews for "Penguins Of The Arctic"


do want you want beacause a pirate is free! YOU ARE A PIRATE!!!

CaramelAppleClock responds:

I, I! :)

I faved it.

I faved this because it's pure gold. It's pure genius. It's a pure epic creation. It deserves front page!

Seriously, this is worth watching for a good, quick and random laugh. It had me in stitches for a while. Also, clever title for the flash. ;)

CaramelAppleClock responds:

Why thank you very much my good sir.

well well


CaramelAppleClock responds:

cool <3

too short and annoying!

ya, no. next try putting some different images in their instead of the same repetative grapghic.

pretty cute for the first 3 econds

And then it gets repetive and boring. I must say, that it takes no more than a day to complete this animation. So i don't think it deserves to join the ranks of the works of others who put in much effort to completing their animations. Its just not for me.