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Reviews for "Flash Geometry Wars"

good game

the game and the graphics are quite good but the enemies can appear anywhere anytime, then you could be blown up just by standing on any place, your survival deppends strongly on luck ... but overall was a good game

Boy do i hate geomeotary.

You have took the essentials of what made geometry fun a screw destroying everything moving and flashy colors exploding on a grid and making it all look like you've been tripping out on meth.

Flash Geometry Wars seems like Asteroids... A bit to much like asteroids.
I Still enjoyed it.. But Coma will always be my favorite game from wittyhobos

good game but a little weak

wish there wer more levels and a story line

Spawning ...

Has a spawning system like Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2.


Not only did the game lack the lightshows that make a Geometry Wars game, it felt more like a slightly colourful version of Astroids. The music is excellent, that's a strong point, but the rest of the game feels thrown together it what one would hope to resemble Geometry Wars. Enemies spawn way too close to your ship and I had some issues with a bunch of enemies randomly disappearing. Maybe it's my computer though. All in all it's a decent flash game that feels like a bad Geometry Wars.