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Reviews for "Flash Geometry Wars"


This version lacks the precision available on the console versions of Geometry Wars. Get rid of the de-acceleration after movement for tighter controls.

Pretty fun.

Fun but only two problems. A little more of a worning before you start because i died immediately when i started and controls are too lose. Other than that great geometry wars impression.


You've clearly never played Geometry wars melovesgames... Meh didn't like so much because you didn't follow the geometry wars theme. You added shapes and didn't include the meshy grid thing in the background. Needs refining I'm afraid. Good music though. Also try to make the colours brighter next time, the first time I played Geometry wars I nearly tripped out to death. I want this same effect in games based off it.


Colors and graphics are good. Would they be less chaotic and maybe smaller in a bigger playground then I would consider them to be even great.
Explosions should NOT be as prominent as living enemies - its confusing and chaotic!

Chaotic is actually the biggest problem of your game!
Very chaotic and too fast gameplay- at least at the beginning. A game should give the player the required time to learn how to play and to adjust to the controls and graphics.
Also the " how to play" button is by far too small (why the hell is it smaller than the other writing? ).

Slow it down, make it a little bit less chaotic and stuffed with animation and you you'll get a good- very good game.

Overall 6/10


I don't have a qwerty keyboard so I can't enjoy the game as much as i would but overall that's great.