Reviews for "*Poke*"


Poor fish, an overall good animation indeed!!! Keep it up!!!

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lol i thought it was the bouts anchor not a bomb

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was my reaction when i saw the explosion. that was very funny,and the ending credits music was cool, to boot. that was a nice flaSH, AND IT DESERVES A 5/5,10/10!

funny, but predictable

I knew what was going on when the bomb dropped, but it was quite funny and very good for such a short flash

One thing...

You might watch out for is your graphical consistency... some of the items were blurred, others were not. For example, the depth charge, starfish, kelp, etc. had a nice "underwater blur", but the fish and the line from the charge to the top of the screen were crisp and well-defined. You may want to pay a little closer attention to detail in future movies. Other than that, it was a humourous movie in a small package, which was pretty darn good.

Jynxxx responds:

I agree, now that I look back, I'll fix that and resubmit. Thanks.