Reviews for "*Poke*"


I don't know how to describe it, but it was really, really nice. Funny, but not in the "haha" kind of way. Poke safely!

Awesome work! Keep it up! ;)

I nearly choked on my own spit!!!!

That's so funny! MORE MORE MORE!

Oh and the graphics were superb ^_^


It was funny once I figured out what was actually happening but u may want to un-blur the bomb which drops into the water. This is because it looks like it is part of the background and therefore the viewer pays less attention to it than the fish, this makes it a little hard to actually understand whats going on. Other than that, funny stuff :)


It wasn't completely a flash for that you get 7/10 but except for that it was short but i thought it was hilarious XD. thanks for the lol


It was pretty good for a quick laugh. I saw the beginning, and I thought, this is gonna be horrible. but the end made up for it all. It was hilarious. 3/4 7/10