Reviews for "*Poke*"


I loved it, it nearly made me laugh out loud. Truly front page material.

Jynxxx responds:

Thanks :)

pretty good

that waas pretty good... I don't get why permablunted said that the animation was choppy, it may not have been the best animation, but it wasn't choppy


I was dissappointed at first because of the incredibly choppy animation and I was losing interest until...well you gotta watch. Good concept, you get a six simply for making me laugh out loud. You should re-submit this though with fluid animation.

Jynxxx responds:

I see whatcha mean at first, it being choppy. I'll fix it and resubmit, thanks.


Not exactly front page material or anything, but a simple idea excuted with simpleness.. nothing fancy... but very little actual animation. It was good. and Definitly worth watching.


I thought this was gonna be a dud until the punchline. Good job!