Reviews for "Sonny"

An amazing classic, has inspired many.

I love this game and have played it many times and have 100% completion under my belt. That said: well done. If you keep dying from something and you arn't changing something in your play style then it isn't the developer's fault. I loved the voice acting, as well as, the simple and smooth graphics that lead to a complex and enjoyable gaming experience. I absolutely loved the Paladin fight (believe it or not), because I am a strategist who was stopped dead with the challenge. The Paladin quickly became nothing compaired to the Desert Bonus Bosses. 5 stars for 5 epic play throughs.

The RPG elements are well done, the voice acting is good and the music is very well done. The only problem I have is that the Paladin is little hard if you don't know how to beat him.

If you have problems with him, you have to do this:
-You have to be at least level 25 or more.
-Get his health down to 1000.
-When his health is that down, use break.
-When he is about to heal, use Subversion, he will damage himself and probably die.

For a free zombie game, I really wasn't expecting much. Maybe 10 minutes of game play than get bored. HHHhhhhooooowwwweeevvvveeerrrr........a hour later, and I'm still hooked. Great voice acting, a new style of game play regarding battle/zombie killing, I'm have loads of fun. Back to it.

awesome game, altough i am still mad at veradux for making me fight the paladin. paladins are my favoraite thing in the universe :(