Reviews for "Sonny"

Brings back memories. Here's a cheat, to "eat" an item select it from the inventory and then click on Options. It will disappear and you'll gain the stats, can do it over and over again.

10/10 gameplay. 10/10 music.

I love this game. I've come back to it many times over the years just wishing it was a full scale console game lol

Don't worry about the major bosses at the end, guys. One of the best things about this game is that there's always a way to win. Sure you might need to do some grinding, but not too much.

For the first major boss, if you aren't fast enough to heal the fate debuff that he puts on you or your team, you need to stun the hell out of him until your assassin can do her thing.

For the boss after him... Go into it with two slots of blood focus, one breaker, and shatter bolt. Be smart and only stun him when he powers up for his next attack. You'll eventually get him without a problem.

For the Dr... Keep him stunned for a bit until you and your team can do enough damage to where he will heal. Before he does, hit him with subversion and he'll kill himself.

Good luck

good story but I can't make it far at all. All i see is "miss" over and over. I could one shot half the enemies, but clearly sonny is too blind to hit a 10 foot tall samurai that can deliver 400 damage every turn if you're unlucky.

If you kill someone and die in the same turn, you have to re-load. Good game overall though! You did a great job on this. It deserved a sequel!