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Reviews for "Sonny"

great game

good game, and nice leveling system.

jst one thing... on zone 4 when fighting the special monsters, why is there a different time bar to the entire game? it kinda slows the battle down and skips a few moves sometimes.

Very nice game

Im sorta stuck on the one boss b attle with teh 3 shamans and I cant get past them. Really nice animated game and fun. I spent liek 3 days playing and can't wait till I beat this game 10/10

Great game

I've literally spent like two days playing this game. Beating it once, twice, and then getting all the best equips for my guys by killing the paladin repeatedly and the final bonus world. Unbelievably good flash game.

great game!

this game was great! All up to the 3rd boss galiant the paladin though. i just cant beat him, can you give me some hints/help on armour i should wear and abilities and attributes i should pick. stuff like that. i went with the assasin. just hit me up if ya can help. i really wana finish this game!

Krinn responds:

There are loads of strategy guides in the link in my comments :D


i cant even explain how good this game was made. Everything was good right down to the last dtail, backrounds, skill tree, class it was all great and the storyline was even better, the extra level was kinda hard at times but it was still good. The only thing i didnt like was that it was so short, i wanted 2 find out wat the tape was all about but meh i hope u make a sequal explaing it great job keep up the good work.