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Reviews for "Sonny"

Weird story

Its a little weird, you're revived by a blind guy, kill a bunch of zombies, he dies, you wash up on an island, buy giant samurai armor, kill samurai ghosts, go to some tribal grounds, get a dead peacock hat and other weird armor that somehow provides protection, fight tribesmen, and I stopped there for now. Every other part seems to fit together alright. The game is fun and theres TONS of skills and stuff I'll never get to, nice replay value and great fun.


I'm really impressed, very nice game D:


Great game, I can't stop playing it and playing it..


Congrats. You made a turn-based flash game I liked. I usually dislike those types of games 'cause they tend to be boring (in my opinion, of course), but this is probably one of my favorite flash games. Being able to customize your characters equipment & skills well done, & being able to choose whether to train or fight whoever's next in the storyline was a good idea. I thought the story was really good. I got kinda pissed when it was like, "w00t Cliffhanger! Here's a random place to fight to your hearts content."

Sequel? XD Seriously, though, awesome job.

great game

good game, and nice leveling system.

jst one thing... on zone 4 when fighting the special monsters, why is there a different time bar to the entire game? it kinda slows the battle down and skips a few moves sometimes.