Reviews for "Sonny"

The quality and the graphics are good. I was able to finish the entire game in one sitting. And this is one of my childhood game. Although, the story is too short and it lacks so much information like...

(1) How did Louis knew about Sonny?
(2) Who is Louis and what's his background?
(3) How did Louis and Sonny got stranded in a ship?
(4) What was inside the tape (that Louis handed over to Sonny)?
(5) Where did Veradux came from and what's his background?
(6) How did Sonny became an undead in the first place?

But yeah... overall great game!

Гра дуже стара, але годна

Hands down, this is a good game. Love the RPG feel, coupled with the fact that you're (basically) undead. I can see why there are sequels!

This was one of the games I played when I was a kid and now the third Sonny game is coming!
A great game with a great sequel.

Nice game with the whole story line. sonny was a normal person then something happened nice.