Reviews for "Sonny"

I had many memories with this game. It feels great to play it once again.


*reads comment years later

the fuck

thank you for a classic

Man, I haven't seen this game in years. I played the hell out of this game so much when I was in my early teens (2008-2009). Unfortunately, my family fell on hard times and internet had to be cut for us to survive. When we finally got internet back about a year ago, I was 19 and had all but forgotten about this game (and online games in general).

And now, here I am. When I first saw the game I knew it looked familiar. I started it up, read the short manual and began to play, but I still didn't fully remember what I had got myself into. Then I heard the music that starts to play after you finish the first battle... memories started to surge through my head.

Sonny is easily one of the best online games I've ever played. It along with a few other games I now distinctly remember playing so much now that that part of my memory has been opened again. I also see that a sequel has been released. Once I finish this game and refresh myself on how it ends... I cannot wait to play the sequel.

5 stars just for the heart-warming nostalgia this game gave me of my younger, simpler days in life. I could listen to that post-battle music for hours.

Damn right amazing. Awesome graphics from a game of the 2007's, amazing plot directing, full of badass-ery and such. Was a great nostalgic game, it is a really good game in overall, definitely recommended and a must play. Would deserve a 3rd sequel/prequel, with more badass-ery and a bit of everything else Important to add. At some times AI could be a bit too hard, but that doesn't stop me from giving it a 5 star rating. One of the best additions and classic on Newgrounds so far for pure awesome-ness.

I liked the game exciting battle graphics, snarezhenie, weapon, text, voice class all games on NEVGRUNDS More lutshe thank you for such a great game 5 stars.