Reviews for "RHG 0blivi0us VS GEO"

Nice anim

I really liked the skinny guy XD
And i noticed that at the beginning of the animation, your guy had feet then they just disapeared.
oh well 10/10


even though you always win in your rhg battles with such ease.... this one had me laughing.... heh you offer him a hand.... then kick/knee him in the nards.... too cruel man... too cruel...

Nice music

Haha, the beat drove me lmao
Excellent animation, i realleh liked it.

da dude below me

dis dude below me gives this guy always 10/10 even when he writes something like dis is way 2 short just because he knows the guy in real life (so do I) so people just so u know i am voting fair dis is sweet animation I love when da guy breaks da wall


I loved it