Reviews for "PowerShowOff"


I must be having another very good sounding dream.

blackzilver responds:

Sweet dreams ;)



blackzilver responds:

Like honey?

Verra Impressive,

Especially for a Demo. The loop is almost unnoticeable, the music is catchy, And I honestly can't wait for the full version!
The beat is very well maintained, and a sense of urgency and dramatism flows with the song like a river of emotion.
Not many songs of this caliber, and it's not even finished. Keep working on it!

blackzilver responds:

Yes i will! I think its finished. I just i have to do some adjusments and such and it should be okay ;)

This music is awesome...

Now i will click that favorite and click that download button right there...

blackzilver responds:

You go ahead my good friends ;)

diggin the sexy woman voice...

got them all sayin that...
sorry, got a bit off topic there, but really man, great sound. and it loops flawlessly, so those who say this could go in the background of something epic know what their sayin...

blackzilver responds:

LOL yeah everybody has a opinion on the voice. But i digress.
Thank you for the compliments and your epic too lol XD