Reviews for "PowerShowOff"

Good listening.

Really good stuff, I agree with everyone else that the A-Ah at the beginning seems to put me off a little, but it's all over great and I look forward to hearing the full thing.

blackzilver responds:

Okay im glad you liked it anyways. I try to do my out most best when making a song :)

This music is awesome...

Now i will click that favorite and click that download button right there...

blackzilver responds:

You go ahead my good friends ;)

Very Nice.

The percussion was very epic.
The only thing that ruined it for me was the "Ahh" at 0:26.
For the full version, please take it out. Thanks.

blackzilver responds:

Well since alot of people seem to have something against it. I might as well take it out :P

Verra Impressive,

Especially for a Demo. The loop is almost unnoticeable, the music is catchy, And I honestly can't wait for the full version!
The beat is very well maintained, and a sense of urgency and dramatism flows with the song like a river of emotion.
Not many songs of this caliber, and it's not even finished. Keep working on it!

blackzilver responds:

Yes i will! I think its finished. I just i have to do some adjusments and such and it should be okay ;)


cool its a free download right?

blackzilver responds:

Yep the album will be for free ;)
But you are also free to donate :P