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Reviews for "tankmen christmas"


This isn't funny its just plain stupid. my advice: don't try so hard to be funny; it'll only end up being stupid.

Horsenwelles responds:

wow..... your not insulting me right? cuz i took that as an insult.

and you aren't convincing me

it was ok

you tryed too muche to make it feel like the real tankmen

Horsenwelles responds:

mmmhmmm..... that review diddnt make me want to do anything though....

uhhh.... the 3 sucks man....



Horsenwelles responds:

guess what? SPAM!

you are doing nothin but spamming


was meh ill give you effort tho MC


That was the worst tankmen flash ever. Bad animation EXCEPT for the lip syncing which was amateur at best. you would've gotten a one but you spelt johnnyutahs name wrong, so you get a big fat 0. BLAM

Horsenwelles responds:

wow.... thats a spam...

first of all... you cant Blam a submission that is already in the library, so that leads me to believe your an idiot.

secondly, i know i spelled his name wrong, and it doesnt bother me.

third, this submission has a very high score and you will probably never get a score that high with this kind of review.

fourthly(?), its spelled "spelled", not "spelt"

fifth, i suppose you like "cock joke" tankmen better than my well animated (by me by the way), parody that doesnt imply gay sex???

thats my counter review you peice of ugly shit!!! (in my opinion)

PS: this was actually really difficult lip syncing you dipshit douchebag. never say amateur when you dont have anything to back it up.