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Reviews for "tankmen christmas"

it didnt feel as tho you thought this out.

yea dude... take longer than a week to work on em.. if your tired of doin this take a couple weeks off and take a break. I'd rather see your good stuff that takes 2 weeks to a month than something that feelss as tho it was slapped together.

Horsenwelles responds:

i was going to, but today is Christmas (we.... in 2 minutes its over :P)

and i wanted to keep the idea of the submission date corresponding to the movie


better than some

move your mouth away from the microphone a bit, you can increase volume once it is on your computer

its johnny utah, not jhonny utah

Horsenwelles responds:

eh.... ok.... i know it wasnt jhonny, i just started this kind of thing with the halloween edition...


not great, but not terrible

it starts of as tankmen,then goes into killing san

not bad and i think u needed a better ending like santa vs.captian


it was ok, to be honest leave the tankmen to JohnnyUtah