Reviews for "tankmen christmas"


OMG! You killed Santa! You Bastard! (guess where that is from!)

Horsenwelles responds:

OMG! you killed John F. Kennedy! you bastards! (SouthPark FTW)


he killed santa.... no wait he explodeded santa.... haha

hey i got an idea!

yea i got one! someone figure out the ORIGINAL TANKMEN creatorz email so I and everyone else doesn't have to listen to this knock off crap! all i want to do is try to find a good tankmen vid but no! instead i gotta listen and watch bull crap! oh NICE VID BY THE WAY!

Horsenwelles responds:


ha ha!

Bastard list?HAHA

Horsenwelles responds:

i was on there once....

its no laughing matter :C


your goin on the basterd list, lol